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What are the new concepts, healthy treatments and retreats to adopt this fall to boost your immunity and stay in shape? A tour of the well-being meetings to adopt this fall.

A detox weekend retreat… in Paris!

Do you really need a healthy break in the countryside with diet, yoga, sleep, and massages to get back on your feet? Notice to Parisiennes underwater who don't have time to “ go ”. The healthy fitness collective Kalon , orchestrated by dancers from the Lido and the Moulin Rouge , have concocted a healthy retreat… in Paris!

The idea: put down your suitcases from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon in a super luxurious room at the Molitor hotel , take care of yourself and be pampered for 2 days, with a dance class by a teacher from the Opera from Paris .

On the weekend program: healthy brunch , 3 yoga, dance and fitness sessions per day to work on your bikini body, free time to take a nap, swim in the legendary pool, read a book in the sun and enjoy the sauna and hammam to unwind before a healthy and gourmet dinner. And, of course, the possibility of massages at the spa.

Urban Kalon retreat at Molitor : € 860 in an all-inclusive double room from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 September

HoliMarket, the new cutting-edge concept store from Mélanie Huynh

We no longer present Holidermie , the phenomenon and clean beauty label. Its founder, Mélanie Huynh , former editor at Vogue , is creating the fall event with HoliMarket , a new concept store at Bon Marché where she has brought together all the clean obsessions, from her favorite products to lifestyle objects and a cabin with new healthy protocols. Starting with a Holidermie Signature Detox Treatment for the face (€ 85/45 min) or a 15-minute halotherapy session in the salt cabin designed by the BLOOM meditation center (€ 15).

On the shelves of this bazaar that the most cutting-edge beautystas already love: cult products from Holidermie (special dedication to food supplements such as candy) but also highly stylish yoga outfits by Louise Misha , sublime cashmere from Linnea Lund , Huages CBD oils, Le Beige Paris candles, Maisie Café granola and an awesome tool, Aurélia Del Sol's Gua Sha , the best anti-wrinkle weapon for doing your facial yoga every morning.

HoliMarket on the 1st floor of Bon Marché Rive Gauche, until October 25.

Theío Vitality, a revolutionary protocol

Breaking news for the start of the school year. Hitherto absent in Europe, Theío Vitality , the ultra-popular Canadian laboratory in North America created by Dr. Jennie Christensen, a specialist in environmental toxicology for more than 20 years, has moved into the Studio de Beauté de La Samaritaine for good. .

How it works ? A simple sample of a few hairs is taken at the Beauty Studio and then sent to Canada in order to establish a complete mapping of your nutritional health thanks to laser technology and pioneering analyzes to detect the levels of macro-minerals, trace elements and toxic metals in your body.

This analysis is sent to you by email, for confidentiality reasons. To deal with the information (deficiencies, hyper-specific information), the Beauty Studio invites in collaboration with the lab to make a new appointment to analyze its assessment and establish a protocol of care and youth ( nutrition and food supplement ) on- measure that boosts vitality and beauty like never before, and which the US stars love.

Theío Vitality , € 110 analysis at the Beauty Studio , open every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., floor -1 at La Samaritaine.

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Sylvie Schaerbeek's shock treatment

The appointment is made in his practice in the 7th arrondissement where his regulars (beautiful people!) Are formal: “ Sylvie Schaerbeek will get you back on your feet with natural treatments” . Doctor of pharmacy and naturopathic graduate in Germany, this incredible pro has a philosophy: “I prefer to treat the origin of the ailments than the symptoms.

Study of your lifestyle, libido , digestion problems , skin, sleep… Everything goes. Through a hyper-intensive 2-hour questionnaire during the first consultation, Sylvie establishes a personalized profile, takes you on her very specialized devices (heavy metal detection & co) and guides you to blood tests and stool analyzes and the microbiota in the best labs.

The key: treatment of pathogens, nutritional advice, prescription of plants, homeopathy and aromatherapy (the famous essential oils), Sylvie Schaerbeek draws on all her knowledge to adapt a tailor-made program, boost your immunity and your youth capital!

Sylvie Schaerbeek. Count 150 € for the consultation. Appointment booking by sms: 06 75 01 97 66


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