7 Minute Workout: The 7 min option at home!

Sport A La Maison 7 Minutes

For whom? Hyper active gals / lazy bones who have definitely given up on the idea of going to the gym or getting up to run. Just get out of bed 7 minutes earlier every morning and you will be fit. Easy!

The pitch. A great app to download, made popular by the New York Times. According to their explanations: 7 minutes of high intensity training circuit in the morning would amount to a classic gym session. It’s worth trying.

On the program: 12 exercises of 30 seconds each (squats, cardio, abs, but, arms). It’s real sport! But a fun and pragmatic way of picking up sports when you are against the wall. No more excuses. But watch out for your back!

The must? Repeat the circuit 2 of 3 times, like in real high level sports training. Or do it once in the morning and another time coming back from the office.

How much? It’s free.

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