Maison Epigenetic, the beauty rendezvous that revolutionizes anti-aging

The epigenetic institute in Paris

To be in good health, to be slim and fit, to appear healthy and younger than his age, to have beautiful skin. It is the global obsession of city dwellers who seek to defy time (and we understand them).

This is what Maison Epigenetic is all about , the new address that turns the heads of the most seasoned beautystas.

A revolutionary method

Absolutely revolutionary place of beauty founded by a team of cutting-edge scientific experts, this temple of healthtech is revolutionizing the codes of anti-aging and form with an approach based on epigenetics .

The challenge: to adopt their preventive and holistic method which is based on science to boost health and youth capital. Concretely, it makes it possible to rejuvenate and slow down its biological clock and to fight against oxidative stress , the first cause of the acceleration of aging.

What is epigenetics?

You might not know it, but 85% of our DNA is expressed by the way we live. This is called epigenetics , which is based on 5 pillars: nutrition , stress management, physical and mental activity, quality of social life and optimism. There is therefore no fatality.

In practice: we cannot directly modify our genetic heritage . On the other hand, mastering one's lifestyle makes it possible to have a particularly effective and visible influence on our biological age and to boost our physical and intellectual performance.

The most high-tech and serious tests on the market

The premises of Maison epigenetic in Paris

The appointment is made in a sublime mansion of 700m² close to the Trocadéro on three levels, both bright and warm, far from cold settings or intimidating clinics.

It all starts with a series of very sophisticated tests at the forefront of the latest technology: a Visia diagnostic to analyze your skin, Oligascan, a tool that allows you to highlight deficiencies, excesses and intoxications, not to mention the Bio- scan. Well which measures the degree of vitality of a person.

A private mansion where we take care of you

At the end of this epigenetic assessment, a very in-depth interview with Dr. Valérie Leduc, aesthetic doctor and co-founder of the house, makes it possible to establish a personalized program according to the objectives to be achieved and the possibility of becoming a member.

Designed like a club, this reassuring place allows you to adopt a new lifestyle and get help from the best experts, nutritionists, nurses, coaches and beauticians.

Everything goes there: nutritional support with prescriptions for food supplements and personalized recipes, gynecological treatments to treat inflammation, but also anti- stress therapy with massages and sports, or anti-burnout or depression treatments thanks to to light therapy .

In total: more than 10 treatment rooms, a large lounge with a sharing table and a nutri-organic bar, as well as a beauty and fashion pop-up store. Without forgetting a space of physical and mental activity invested by Tigre Yoga with boxing , cardio, martial arts, Pilates , breathing and meditation classes without forgetting exclusive anti-aging treatments with the fabulous Augustinus Bader brand. , hair treatments with Advanced Hair Complex, the first patented technology for hair regrowth, etc.

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Where to find it?

Maison Epigenetic

4 rue Cimarosa

75116 Paris

01 80 97 91 71

Victor Hugo Victor Hugo

Boissiã‚âre Boissiã‚âre

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