Alternatives to evening dresses

Tenues Terrasses

Cocktails , weddings , red carpets … To be the most stylish of the photocall , it's not just dresses in life! Now the classy to stand out on a good opportunity, it's out of the ordinary, unsheathing a colored pantsuit, a sublime combi or a valuable top goes with a pleated skirt or satin. Demonstration.

The colorful tailor

Chemise en soie et pantalon rose Demain

He recently offered a flamboyant comeback thanks to Blake Lively , who now swears by him. Once again an essential of the wardrobe, the pantsuit is worn in a colorful version in impeccable cuts - as the popes of sartorialism say - by the most stylish girls on the red carpet: Caroline Daur , Emily Ratajkowski , Hailey Baldwin or Karlie Kloss . It is of course sublimated with a minaudière and high pumps to mark the occasion at a wedding or a high-ranking dinner.

Silk shirt, Tomorrow , 390 €

Laurent pink pants, Tomorrow , 280 €

Pink jacket, Tomorrow, € 490. Available online in March

The ruffled skirt

Jupe longue noire à volant top blanc à manches longue The Koople

Air, the holding skirt and ruffle has the advantage of revealing sensually legs in motion, and provides caliente Flamenco silhouette when it meets a shirt satin. And to rise even higher in good taste, we bring the final touch: heeled mules .

Long black ruffled skirt, The Kooples , € 218

White top with long sleeves, The Kooples , € 188

Dressed jumpsuit

Combinaison Line en viscose Rouje

It is impossible to speak of an alternative to the dress without mentioning the jumpsuit , which naturally ensures the silhouette of a goddess. The jumpsuit or its little sister the playsuit remain the undisputed starlets of major paparazzi events. We choose it in a silky material to “ make evening ”, we belt it if necessary and we have fun with the accessories.

Line viscose jumpsuit , Rouje , € 180

Vitamin pleated skirt

jupe-short plissée et blouse à rayures et ceinture Zara

The avant-garde, do you know? Spotted on next winter's catwalks at Dior , Lacoste , Proenza Schouler and Celine -without-accent, the pleated skirt emancipates itself from spring and comes out for special occasions in vibrant colors. We combine it with a silky printed top for a guaranteed good mood, and beautiful white sandals very high, just to compensate for the rather thickening aspect of the skirt .

Pleated skort, Zara , € 29.95

Striped blouse and belt, Zara , € 29.95

Day pajamas

blouse et pantalon en soie Equipement

If you are mischievously asked why you came in your pajamas , you could answer that your inspirations for this look are called Balenciaga , Dolce & Gabbana and Lanvin .
Sleek and sharp, the printed silk set is equally suitable for a wedding or a red carpet, as long as it is accessorized with precious jewelry and a neat hairstyle / manicure. Or how to avoid the drama of the “ jump out of bed ” effect.

Silk blouse, Equipment , € 345

Silk pants, Equipment , € 455

Metallic leather shorts

Top Ipomea et short en cuire Iro

Formerly confined to the frenzied dance floors of Parisian clubs , leather shorts are aristocratic and are readily tolerated at a wedding . Notably high waisted and not too short, coupled with pointed pumps and an elegant chiffon blouse , it lengthens the leg to infinity and gives that rock and sexy look that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Top Ipomea, Iro, 380 €

Leather shorts, Iro, € 650

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