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Mouche Serie

Stop everything! The English series Fleabag offers a remake in French, and guess what ... It's in Paris that it happens! Mini-series in six episodes, Mouche tells the story of a thirtysomething adrift. And who then to take up the torch? We give it to you on the spot: it's our favorite bitch aka Camille Cottin who sticks to it. We loved it and we bet you too.

The remake that Parisiennes were waiting for

Extrait de la série avec Camille Cottin et India Hair

In Fleabag , Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the most gifted showrunner of her generation (see the excellent Killing Eve ) portrayed the moods of a lost Londoner and addicted to sex. On the French side, it is the director Jeanne Herry ( Pupille , Elle adore ) who signs this brilliant remake , as crazy as the original version. The French touch in addition, since the action is located between the banks of the Seine, Haussmannian apartments and bobos cafes.

Fun fact: it is Camille Cottin herself who found the title “ Mouche ”, the nickname given to her by her parents, just as Phoebe Waller-Bridge titled her work Fleabag (flea bag), by the small name given by her relatives . The circle is complete.

The pitch between laughter and tears

What does Mouche say ? More a hollow portrait than a long-term plot, the series encapsulates the daily up and down of a thirtysomething at the end of its rope. And for good reason.

Between the double mourning of her mother and her best friend, her boyfriend who has just ditched her (again), her failing tea bar, her sister Miss Perfect “ twice graduated, with a husband and a Dior coat ” and her bitchy stepmother first time, nothing to boast about ...

Best antidote for depression? The ass! Instead of whining about the chaos in her life, Mouche goes to bed and goes back to bed (with her future ex, the handsome kid from the supermarket, the guy from the bus…), because otherwise, she's the one who collapses.

"I would just like him to fuck me, but he wants to make love"

Camille Cottin dans la série Mouche

A word of advice: keep children away from the station. As soon as the credits are finished, it's time for a festival of cash scenes (sodomy, masturbation ... zero taboos!) And punchlines to make Booba fans blush , thrown in front of the camera like House of Cards by the heroine, for better immerse ourselves in its privacy. Devilishly effective and impactful.

A crazy casting

Big up at the casting, absolutely delicious. After Connasse and Dix Pour Cent , Camille Cottin surpasses herself in this transgressive comedy tinged with drama. Suliane Brahim of the Comédie-Française is breathtaking as the control freak sister, and Anne Dorval (the star of Xavier Dolan's Mommy ) brilliant as an aggressive passive stepmother.

Without forgetting Pierre Deladonchamps , Stanley Weber and Benjamin Lavergne (alias Adrien, Trou de bale and Dents de castor: you will quickly understand why). And Elodie Bouchez even makes an appearance as a sex shop owner. In short, a faultless.


Mouche, season 1 Monday June 3 at 9 p.m. on Canal +

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