Contest: how to pimp your bathroom in a luxury hammam?


Taking the time to do yourself good is the lifestyle of Moroccan women, who would never miss their weekly hammam session, a ritual renowned for purifying body and mind.

Well known to the beauties of the Maghreb , Nectarome's 100% natural cosmetic care offers itself a first Parisian boutique in the heart of South Pigalle . Enough to make your bathroom a temple of 1001 nights ...

What is Nectarome?

Imported into France by two sisters addicted to the brand, Nectarome produces its treatments from A to Z in the Ourika valley, from growing plants in their own bio-aromatic garden to extracting oils and manufacturing , for an irreproachable quality follow-up.

Rose or orange blossom water , ultra-effective serum with prickly pear , white or green clay , lavender exfoliating milk, seaweed mask ... The Orientales of the upper class swear by these aromatherapy treatments based on ultra-efficient essential oils.

A hammam at home

Impossible to do more relaxing and regenerating than a good complete hammam treatment . So head for the pretty SoPi shop, with wooden walls carved with rosettes and where a central fountain is made up of 5 marble columns, a direct reference to the 5 pillars of Islam (the most symbolic figure of religion).

The sisters Charlotte and Sophie explain how to proceed to reproduce a real hammam at home:

Step 1: Once your bathroom is well misted with hot vapors (the time of a shampoo / mask for example) and the pores of your skin are well open, apply a thin layer of black soap for 10 short minutes to loosen the layer of dead cells. Avoid the face and mucous membranes.

Step 2: Rinse off the black soap and exfoliate the skin in circular motions with a kessa glove , softer than the traditional horsehair glove. Rinse.

Step 3: still in the steam on damp skin, wrap the body and hair (if oily tendency only) in ghassoul , a Moroccan volcanic clay in powder form (to be mixed with water beforehand to obtain a paste ) which absorbs excess sebum, blackheads and bad bacteria.

Step 4: moisturize the still damp skin well with argan oil or body milk.

Competition game

Ultimate joy: Nectarome has teamed up with Do It In Paris to win a sublime copper and wood box to slip under the tree. Inside: a jar of black soap, a glove (beige or blue), a jar of ghassoul and an argan oil, for a total of € 90.50.

competition game over

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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