Arielle Dombasle's literary pharmacy

Pharmacie Litteraire

Intelligent Parisians who like to cultivate their unique allure by nourishing their minds with beautiful things will appreciate it.

Created by the editor Sophie Wiesenfeld , the literary pharmacy appears as an unidentified poetic object claimed as such by its founder. Each month, a pen or an author ( Amanda Sthers , David Foenkinos …) concocts a literary prescription.

A gift that should be reimbursed by the security!

To celebrate Christmas gently and heal ailments to the soul, you needed the ultimate muse and pop icon to simmer an order of joy and good readings. In short: the perfect gift for yourself in winter to curl up with chic and style under your duvet or in front of a fireplace.

The feel good alternative medicine of Arielle Dombasle , it gives EMPIRE , an electro album co-produced with Nicolas Ker , inspired by David Bowie, Jim Morrison and Nick Cave to sign a resolutely cool musical atmosphere and get down to good readings, with a cup Arielle Dombasle's favorite tea in hand.

First, there are Fragments of a loving discourse by Roland Barthes . We can never say it enough: a “ necessary ” book which questions love and reason, experiments with the relativity of feelings and breaks the coherence of our pre-established thoughts on the feeling of love.

For a touch of gaiety and intelligence, Arielle slid into his box the e book of poems Man'ha Garreau Dombasle, writer and poet, friend of Paul Claudel, Ray Bradbury, Max Ernst, Isadora Duncan and Tamara de Lempicka.

The icing on the cake: a L e Secret d'Arielle bottle by Mauboussin , an exquisite fragrance designed in Grasse based on natural rose, iris and musk flowers that pays tribute to the French know-how and elegance of high perfumery French.

How to earn it?

Do It In Paris and La Pharmacy Littéraire have teamed up to win you a collector's edition box La Pharmacie Littéraire by Arielle Dombasle (price: € 59).


On sale at the Librairie Lamartine - 118 rue de la Pompe 75016 Paris or online

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