The most tempting tart of the season

Recette Tarte Parmigiano Reggiano Thym Oignons Rouges

© Davide di Prato

A thick comforting dough garnished with a preparation of
onion, thyme and parmesans, thistart will surely impress the eyes (and the tastebuds!) for Thanksgiving.

For 4 to 6 persons


Preheat the oven to 180°C

Melt the butter in a pan and fry the onions on a low flamer for about 30 min.

Season and mix regularly. Add salt at the end of the cooking if necessary.

While the onions are cooking, prepare the tart dough: spread some oil on the bottom of a tart dish then sprinkle with flour. Unroll the dough and spread on the dish. With the help of a sharp knife, mark and edge of one or two centimetres along the edge of the dough. Then spike the dough inside with the help of a fork. Baste the outside strip with the beaten egg. Precook in the oven at 180° during twenty minutes until the dough is golden and puffed out

Raise the oven temperature to 200°C.

Place the red onions on the dough inside the edge. The place the Parmigiano Reggiano on top of the onions and sprinkle everything with thyme. Baste the edge of the dough with more egg. Put back in the oven for about ten minutes until the top of the garnishing is slightly golden.

Once you take it out of the oven, allow to sit during 15 to 30 minutes and served with a green salad.


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- 50g of soft butter

- 1 kg of minced red onions

- salt and freshly ground pepper

- 1 flaky pastry dough

- oil and flour for the cooking plaque

- 1 egg

- 1,5g of thyme

- 100g of Parmigiano Reggiano

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