The gym that is going to get us hooked

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You thought you were allergic to gyms and long hours of sweaty training?

We have found for you THE gym that will reconcile you with sports. Better, you even risk making it a habit.

The pitch? Cap Détente, is a hightech and design space featuring state-of-the-art equipment, notably Milon, a brand new circuit of eight machines, that allows you to perform in 35 minutes the equivalent of 1h30 of classic sport. No more long hours spent sweating, here it all happens quickly and easily, like a dream come true.

Concretely, you go from one machine to another alternating 1 minute of effort and 4 minutes of cardio training. In between, 30 seconds to change machines.     And you are ready for a second round.

All you need is two sessions per week to become thinner, tone your body and, even better, avoid boredom.

Tops, during the first session, the coach sets up your profile in keeping with your needs and programs your magnetic card. It allows you to automatically set up the machines during your next sessions.

The plus: after your physical effort, enjoy a moment of comfort. The center offers body and face treatments.       You can even sip freshly squeezed juices at the bar.

Milon, by subscription starting at 85€/month or 25€ per session.

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Where to find it?

Cap Détente

156, Boulevard de Grenelle

75015 Paris

01 70 26 04 47

La Motte-picquet-grenelle La Motte-picquet-grenelle

Avenue Emile-zola Avenue Emile-zola

La Motte-picquet-grenelle La Motte-picquet-grenelle

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