The miracle machine at home


Power Plate? Does this ring a bell? Yes, yes, remember: an incredible vibrating machine that really had “wowie” effects by muscling and toning quickly and efficiently. Not surprising: it’s the NASA that put together this method to help astronauts with their muscle tone when they are in outer space.

Result? With only 30 minutes of easy exercises twice per week, we obtain great abs in 2 weeks flat, as well as a mermaid body. Lymphatic draining

The down side? The 10 sessions used to cost an arm and a leg, and could only be found in very upscale institutes… And generally we would never follow through.

Good news: we have the new solution. This magic machine no longer has the monopoly of trendy centres and is launching an individual formula (just as efficient as with the pros, we promise). A flat plaque, to slip under your bed and  that takes up no room...

We like: they are not giving it away but you can pay in 10 instalments… In short: the price for a yearly gym club, except this time you are sure to go! And you can keep if for years

2490€ (payment 10 times without interest) on and available by test at the Slimtech Center Paris 17th

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