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If you like addictive series such as Homeland, you are going to adore “Les ailes du désespoir”, an amazing book that is very hard to put down …

This is a true modern day Shakespearian drama written by Roselyne Durand-Ruël in her wonderful novel that mixes with panache an amazing love-story, a thriller on terrorist networks and a terrible vengeance that has 911 as background...

The pitch? After many years, the handsome Jewish financial mogul David returns to Paris and encounters the long-lost love of his youth, Alia, a sparkling Moroccan Muslim. He drops everything and despite many pitfalls and new developments, the two inseparables get back together in New York. But the terrorist attacks and a terrible revelation are going to change the course of their history.

We like: jumping from a wonderful love story in New York to a novel of adventure in the lines of Tintin in Djihad country… In short all the elements that enthrall us with bated breath…

Les Ailes du Désespoir, by Roselyne Durand-Ruel, published by Ed. Albin Michel 21,50€

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