Playing the “Pokemon Go” of the Parisienne

Pokemon Go

Forget Pikachu, Rondoudou and their pixel buddies. The new 3.0 that Parisiennes are wild about is a « virtual hunt » deffo more chic and glam’ localized exclusively in the Palais-Royal garden. You are going to adore it. To play, download for free the Perspective Serge Lutens app and rendezvous on the site. No Pokemons this time (phew), but an immersion at the heart of the very inspiring and mysterious universe of the famous creator. From the Grand Véfour to the apartment of Colette, the codes of the brand were scattered a little bit everywhere near his historical boutique of the Palais-Royal.

You are in charge of tracking down the cross, the key hole, the monolith and other elements from the prestigious cosmetics label by using your smartphone. An amazing reality course.

Tops, the app gives access to psychedelic filters for your Instagram photos, wherever you are.

The must? Continue the digital experience in the recently renovated Serge Lutens boutique. Available to all, a virtual reality helmet that enables you to follow the creator himself to Marrakech, between the buzzing medina and his incredible Moroccan house. An experience more real than nature—it’s as though you were there.

Perspective Serge Lutens, application available for free on iOS and Androïd.

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Where to find it?

Serge Lutens

142 Galerie de Valois

75001 Paris

01 49 27 09 09

Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre) Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre)

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