The new must-read of thirty-year-olds

Il Faut Que Je Vous Parle Blanche Gardin

When a jaded thirty-year-old, who has just been ditched, decides to go all the way out on touchy subjects, you get: “Il faut que je vous parle”, a book directly inspired by the eponymous one-woman show that was a great hit last year.

The systematic extra drink at the end of the evening, the one-night stand you regret, an insight of the terrorist attacks; Blanche Gardin pinpoints all our taboos without any vulgarity whatsoever… Finally a book that does away with our complexes and that one reads with the same glee as Bridget Jones.

We like : a raw, incisive text that does not beat around the bush and targets directly the problems or today’s gals.

If you are fans of Bérengère Krief, the ultra-fun Frenchie, and Amy Poelher, the Queen of Saturday Night Live in the USA, you will be mesmerized by this fantastic book.


Il faut que je vous parle, by Blanche Gardin published by FIRST 14,95€, sold in bookshops.

By Suzanne Langlais @suzannefls

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