Cocktails and manucure on a secret beach in Paris

Manicure stand at Meurice's beach

“Lounging on the beach:  cocktails and free manicure”. Ok, so we changed the wordking somewhat, but it’s really worth trying. We are event betting that this hidden beach in the middle of Paris will become your new HQ.

Grab your best sunglasses, your BFF and come try the fine sand of this little corner of paradise hidden at the heart of the Meurice. Nothing is impossible for the legendary Paris palace, that is transforming for the first time the private terrace of its Valmont spa into  tropicool beach.

The best moment to go there? On Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm. Between two sips of Spritz Venizino (30€), the spa staff offers its free deluxe services. Heavenly Kure Bazaar nails, high buns, massages that will make you purr with pleasure—all free.

The plus: nice slates to nibble on (36€) and nubio detox icecream, frosty offshoots of the famous freshly squeezed juices (16€).

La plage du Meurice, until the 15th of  July 2016.

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Where to find it?

Le Meurice

228, rue de Rivoli

75001 Paris

01 44 58 10 10

Tuileries Tuileries

Concorde Concorde

Concorde Concorde

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