What is American Crime Story season 3 worth on Monica Lewinsky?

American Crime Story

This is the most crisp political issue of the 1990s. After the trial of OJ Simpson and the murder of Gianni Versace , the third saga of American Crime Story looks at the adulterous affair between Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton that will lead to a removal procedure (aborted).

Determined to whitewash her reputation, the main interested party seizes her own destiny by producing this new season. Impeachment will be available from October 28 on Canal +, and its genius creator Ryan Murphy does not disappoint.

Previously in the Oval Office…

Raised in a good family in Los Angeles, Monica Lewinsky was 22 when she met the President of the United States at the start of her White House internship. Immediately grabbed by his charisma, she is easily seduced and falls in love with him, starting an adulterous relationship (hello Hillary ) for 5 dream months. Then, bored, Bill Clinton drives him away from Washington and sends him to work at the Pentagon , all the same keeping the flame alive with a few phone calls and meetings.

While several cases of sexual harassment surface against the head of state - like Paula Jones , authorized by the Supreme Court to prosecute him - Monica Lewinsky confides her relationship to her colleague Linda Tripp , also a Republican ousted from the White House and despising the Clintons. She begins to record the mistress without her knowing it, determined to explode the scandal ...

An exceptional cast

Beyond the sometimes disturbing physical resemblances and an exceptional work of hairstyles, make-up and nasal prostheses in packages (in particular Edie Falco , bluffing in Hillary Clinton ), a true cast of dream serves again the series of Ryan Murphy .

Namely Beanie Feldstein ( How to build a girl ) in naive and seductive Monica Lewinsky, Sarah Paulson ( Ratched ) unrecognizable in Linda Tripp, Cobie Smulders (mythical Robin from How I Met Your Mother ) in the stilettos of the commentator Ann Coulter and many sure Clive Owen , decidedly detestable in the role of the seducer Bill Clinton. A small recreated world, larger than life ...

What we thought

The strength of this new season lies in its female characters, who are particularly proactive in this affair: the “ Monicagate ” was worn by strong women, whether they are victims, accomplices, committed feminists or simple commentators.

This sprawling and harshly complicated story has forced showrunners to multiply story arcs, which can lose an inattentive viewer. But for those who remain focused, Impeachment is above all a brilliant political and media fresco, more than 20 years before the #metoo era.

And not to spoil the insider experience, Monica Lewinsky's discreet involvement in the writing process allows above all an ultra-realistic rendering that will delight juicy gossip addicts ...


American Crime Story: Impeachment, broadcast every Thursday at 9 p.m. from October 28 on Canal + (two episodes per evening) then available on myCanal.


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