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Serie Betty

Cool alert. In 2018, the young director had already stood out at the Sundance festival with her film Skate Kitchen , named after a real collective of New York skaters. Crystal Moselle is mutating her baby with Betty , a miniseries in 6 episodes of 30 minutes, broadcast from May 2 on OCS .

We find his team of young riders and now actresses in a daily life inspired by their own lives and punctuated by sliding, smoking, flirting, bicrave and rakes. The common thread: the desire to find their place in an environment vastly dominated by men.

Betty: a contemplative and feminist miniseries

Addicted to hyperactive action-packed series, go your way: the dramatic consistency is not really there. Contemplative, Betty focuses on painting the transition to adulthood of her heroines Janay, Honeybear, Kirt, Indigo and the talented Camille ( Rachelle Vinberg ) in a bright and festive Brooklyn .

On the other hand, it should be noted that real topical subjects dot the narration: sporting competition between men and women, sexual harassment , female homosexuality and of course a good dose of feminism .

Rainbow dressing room

extrait de la serie betty avec Nina Moran et Kabrina Adams

Devilishly modern, the colorful and badass looks of the young women compete in personality. We would love to steal their multicolored bags, mismatched socks, Obama shirts, tie-dye t-shirts and whatnot from Dickies , Supreme and Stüssy . A real spring editorial live from the skate park !

Special mention for Honeybear, who hides his incredible quickdraws from his conservative family. His signature ? Under an open shirt, heart, star or alien nipple covers . A logical statement that his interpreter Moonbear practices every day, noting that no one asks a man why he takes off his shirt when it's hot ...

An awesome rap playlist

Last core asset of the series: the highly cool playlist based on rap and trap that hits with Sheck Wes , Sault , Reem , Tony K or Kali Uchis , to copy for the next evenings. Head for the soundtrack available on Spotify to find a summary of the best pieces present in the series.

Extrait de la série betty avec Nina Moran, Rachelle Vinberg, Ajani Russel, Ardelia Lovelace et Kabrina Adams

Betty , available May 2 on OCS .

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