The 3 new anti burn-out therapies

Therapies Anti Burn Out

Stress, complexes, lack of self confidence… And what if this year, we made peace with ourselves, by eradicating all our daily anxieties ? To apply this new philosophy, 3 new good books hit the bull’s eye with an approach to happiness that aims at getting rid of guilt, brings back smiles and allows you to spend a Zen year. Follow the guide.

Stop feeling guilty … Give yourself a little pleasure !

raclette et brocolis

The good book: Raclette et brocolis by Anne-Claire Meret. Phew: this book does not offer you just another miracle diet, but on the contrary adapts to your eating whims and possibilities of urbanites with lots of tips to handle sudden food cravings.

Its happiness recipe. How to make healthy life and pornfood cohabitate? How to step out of the vicious circle of guilt? All the answers are explained in this small magical book with adorable illustrations. From the four-cheese pizza to super caloric ice cream including a glass of rosé wine and an entire tablet of chocolate wolfed down uncontrollably, you will learn how to control your binge temptations to understand their impact on your organism and plan the best moment to consume them.

Its mantra. Continue indulging in an occasional binge but learn how to control! The purpose is not to eliminate your pulsations and your small pleasures but to master them and eventually compensate with sport or digestive pauses.

Concretely, how to we start? You indulged in a big eating binge with friends ? Go on a 24h monodiet (eat just one food such as grapes or apples) during one day to give a break to your digestive system. Two days of excess with the heavy weekend recipes? Pick up the challenge of eating only non-transformed foods during two days!

Raclette et brocolis by Anne-Claire Meret (First), 12,95€

Stop being grumpy … Smile like a Japanese!

le livre de l ikigai

The good book: the Livre de l'Ikigai by Bettina Lemke imagined like a bullet book, featuring a program of exercises with a wide array of mental techniques to be applied...

Its happiness recipe: Like the habitants of Okinawa island, named by Japanese as the island of hundred-year-old dwellers, learn how to cultivate your Ikigai, this state enables you to find a sense to your life, just imagine that! According to a recent study, the more persons have Ikigai, the longer they live. Tempting no?

Its mantra. The resources of your happiness are already inside you, you just need to make the treasure emerge! With the tools of the happiness barometer and the magic circle, you will learn how to follow the tracks of your dreams, adore getting up in the morning, surmount the obstacles of life to project yourself in your inner-self and improve your life condition, your relation with others.

Concretely, how do we start? Simply begin by asking yourself questions about yourself to gain access, or not, to the discovery of your own Ikigai: what makes me alive ? When do I feel free? What makes me smile today? What are my qualities? Once you have answered these questions, find a calm place and a comfortable position, breathe deeply and begin by visualizing yourself in a dreamlike future: imagine yourself in a place where your dream has come true, where you feel happy and fulfilled. Allow the colour film to unravel in front of your eyes, you are master of the scenario and you make it evolve as you wish (only condition: you must visualize a pleasant image). Make sure you are attentive of you how feel at this very moment and appreciate the relaxation and motivations that are starting to fill you up entirely. Prepare yourself to live an inspired, dynamic and blossoming experience. Tested and approved!

Le livre de l'Ikigai by Bettina Lemke (Hugo & Cie), €14.50

Feel more free…think less!

pensouillard le hamster

The good book: The illustrated adventures of “pensouillard” the hamster, a very amusing book by Dr Serge Marquis and Gilles Rapaport (Editions de la Martinière), €12.90 that helps anxious ridden person to relax and control their thoughts.

Its happiness recipe: Maybe your already know Docteur Serge Marquis for his best-seller On est foutus on pense trop (2015). The purpose of his personal decreasing. Take a reflective step back in order not to link everything to yourself and not be submerged by the dictatorshp of ego.

Its mantra : Getting rid of Pensouillard in our minds and learn how to live in all serenity! “Pensouillard” the hamster, is this small creature who has fun milling around in your head on subjects often without any importance : « why does this dress look better on her than on me? », « why did he not kiss me as he usually does? », « why did I not receive the invitation to the party of my colleague? ».

Small program to get there: With exercises of reflexion, breathing, meditation and relaxation, the author learns how to calm your nerves in daily situations in order to renew with the simple things of life in order to enjoy them totally. You are going nuts and are stamping your feet since 15 minutes because you cannot find your car in the parking lot ? Stop everything, lean against a wall, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Expand your abdomen at each inspiration. Count 5 seconds of inspiration, 5 seconds of pause, 5 seconds of expiration. Very slowly, concentrate on your thoughts and gently try and remember where you parked you car, without any hurry, nor despising yourself for not remembering. Miracle ! You finally remember where you left your car! You will see that it works !

Les aventures illustrées de pensouillard le hamster, a very amusing book by Dr Serge Marquis and Gilles Rapaport (Editions de la Martinière), €12.90

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