3 good reasons to go see Barbara


It’s a poignant homage to one of the leading French singers of the century. Far from being a biopic, Barbara offers infinite sensitivity, the charm and the dark side of the Great Black Lady. Directed by Mathieu Amalric and incarnated with brio by her non-official lookalike, Jeanne Balibar, this venue takes us for an insightful journey into the life of an incredible singer/actress duo with unforgettable musical pieces (Göttingen, Du bout des lèvres...). Our 3 good reasons to reserve your place.

1. For the clever production

Careful, Barbara is a real-fake biopic. The spectator in fact watches the rehearsals and filming of a biopic on Barbara, following the rhythm of archive images. The mise en abyme mirror effect is so impressive that one never really knows if it’s the actress or the real singer appearing on the screen. Bluffing! To complete the picture, it’s the same director, Mathieu Amalric,who incarnates the film’s obsessional film director.

2. Because Jeanne Balibar IS Barbara

Beyond the stunning resemblance between the actress and the singer, their names, which are almost anagrams, many common denominators link them together (particularly their love for Germany), Balibar and Barbara are alter egos. A former “pensionnaire” of the Comédie-Française, the actress has mastered the gestures of the singer, and marvelously well interprets her singing, while borrowing her traits of character…A pure role of composition, making us wonder why it had not been done before.

3. For its ultra romantic symbolic

If you were not aware of it, just know that Balibar and Amalric spent 7 years together and have two children. At the origin of the project, it’s the actress who insisted that her former companion take over as film director. A brilliant idea, but watch out your head does not spin ! Impossible to determine if Amalric is showcasing a portrait of the Great Black Lady or the actress incarnating her, nor if his obsession is aimed at Barbara or Jeanne Balibar. Mystery!

Barbara by Mathieu Amalric, coming out on the 6th of September.

Jeanne Balibar et Matthieu Amalric

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