Sex, insomnia, fertility: these yogas that repair us

Cours De Yoga A Paris

Nidra Yoga, Fertility Yoga, Kundalini: all these ultra sharp yoga classes are practiced in Paris to treat urban ailments such as fertility, insomnia or lack of sexual appetite.

How to get back in shape and overcome the health problems directly linked to endocrine disruptors , stress and pollution ? Yoga, an ancient medicinal practice, is an especially effective solution for urban. Tour of the most cutting-edge practices in Paris, which heal the ailments of the time.

Nidra Yoga

For who ? Those which do not close the eye of the night.

Good yoga: Nidra Yoga , which literally means “ sleep ” in Sanskrit . A good session would be equivalent to 4 hours of restful sleep. We try ?

In practice: it is highly effective in entering a state of intense relaxation and letting go, especially when you are hyper tense. For more than an hour, the teacher lays you down and guides you in a meditation and a walk in the particularly hovering subconscious. It's hard to resist the urge to sleep during this session, which aims to relax each of the muscles in your body and explore areas of the brain that are often neglected. One thing is certain, tonight you will sleep like a baby.

Where to practice it? At Tigre Yoga Marais , Rive Gauche and Chaillot . 18 € the first lesson. Online registrations at .

Fertility Yoga

For who ? Those who have trouble having babies.

Good yoga: Fertility Yoga . An American Harvard study proved that women who used IVF increased their chance of getting pregnant by 20% to 55% with this yoga. Who does not try anything ...

In practice: trained in the USA, Charlotte Muller offers exclusively in Paris this new practice which supports the endocrine system based on a derivative of Hatha Yoga . It regulates the hormonal system and protects it from endocrine disruptors by stimulating the ovaries in postures that promote alignment, flexibility and opening of the hips. The session ends with meditation exercises, to calm the mind… In short, it can't hurt.

Where to practice it? At the Apartment . 25 € the course. Info and registration on

The Kundalini

For who ? Those who struggle to get off.

Good yoga: Kundalini , which is tantric yoga . Attention… Far from being a sexual practice (do not fantasize, guys…), it is about a cosmic science which means “ union of polarities ”.

In practice: blah blah? Nay! A thousand-year-old knowledge that allows you to reconnect, to once again have immense clarity about yourself and to untie knots. It allows vital energy to flow and reconnect with its sexual energy . What good to find the mojo ... and unlock your libido . Former journalist Anne Bianchi , now sex therapist and yogi, offers two related practices at the Satnam Center . Tantra, he will practice in pairs, often staring into the eyes.

Where to practice it? In the center Satnam Montmartre . 27 € the course. All the information .

Also discover the virtues of infrared yoga, the new detox practice .

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Where to find it?


2, rue Hippolyte Lebas

75009 Paris

Saint-georges Saint-georges

Notre-dame De Lorette Notre-dame De Lorette

Le Peletier Le Peletier

Satnam Montmartre

7 impasse Marie Blanche

75018 Paris

Place De Clichy Place De Clichy

La Fourche La Fourche

Place De Clichy Place De Clichy

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