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Documentaire Leaving Neverland

Attention : sensitive souls, abstain . Leaving Neverland is the shocking 4 hour documentary on Michael Jackson's pedophile inclinations broadcast on March 21 on M6.

During 1h30 (duration of the first part, the only one we have seen), two victims and their mothers recount in great detail their meeting with The King of Pop and how their relationship evolved.

The doc 'signed Dan Reed , broadcast on March 3 and 4 on HBO, generated audience records and caused a scandal… We no longer count the complaints to the CSA , the ban on the broadcasting of Michael Jackson's titles on radio stations Canadian and New Zealand and the shocking headlines of the media: it does not take more to make a global controversy .

Docu with sensations or rehabilitation of the truth ? We tell you what we thought.

A dependent doc

Leaving neverland is not an investigation and is based solely on testimonies ” recalls M6. Pity. Because we quickly fall into the hypersensational without nuance that Americans are so fond of ...

A unilateral desire to cause a scandal , to demystify the king of pop forever and to achieve the largest possible audience , even if it means discrediting the maddening testimony of two children abused by a media and legal system that has never been able to protect them .

Repeated accusations

This is the third time in history (after 1993 and 2005) that pedophilia Michael Jackson made headlines. A case on the liberation of the word of the victims which obviously echoes the Preynat-Barbarin affair in progress.

So obviously speaking is necessary. Even if it means shocking . Because going into the sexual details of these abuses is necessarily shocking. The words of the victims are believed, like the story of Wade Robson who returns to the blowjobs performed on Michael Jackson when he was 7 years old, accompanied by his angelically smiling photograph.

The catch ? The lack of contextualization of these testimonies and the total absence of confrontation with their mothers or the media of the time that followed the case. I was out of my mind, ” confesses Wade Robson's mother, who followed the planetary star in a limousine and lived without the celebrity spotlights, but let her son sleep with the King of Pop every night under the pretext that they didn't. were just “children's games” . At what price ?

Difficult to return to normal life after having lived “ of porn and sweets ”, confides the person concerned.

Victims of Michael Jackson and ... of the star system

It is above all the portrait of a time , when the star system made these abuses possible with complete impunity, which causes scandal ... Even if it means sacrificing children on the altar of Neverland , a morbid temple created by Bambi , in front of media and a hypnotized fan club. A show that worried too little justice and the press of the time.

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