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Les Loyautes Livre

She is the new French “bankable” prize-winning author. After the success of her novels “No et Moi” and “D’après une histoire vraie”, adapted for the cinema, Delphine de Vigan is back with her new novel Les Loyautés. On the programme: manipulation, duplicity, danger… A number of efficient teams that will make you addicted to this enigmatic book.

Because the story deals with a heavy but fascinating theme

By tackling a very serious problem, focusing on child abuse, the writer offers us a dark but powerful novel. Théo, a child with divorced parents, draws his friend Mathis into hazardous territories. Every day, the 12-year-old kids hide in a school closet to drink strong alcohol. Hélène, a high school teacher with an abused childhood, is worried about the evolution of Théo: could he be mistreated by his family? Should one be judge appearances? While the father of Théo has a hard time getting out of bed due to a severe depression and that the world of Mathis’ mother falls apart when she discovers the dark side of her husband, Hélène, flashes back to her past as a battered child, goes out of her way to try and understand what is happening in the intimacy of these children.

Once you open it, you will not be able to put this book down

Delphine de Vigan always seems to have the magic formula that will pin you to each page. You will immediately slip into the skin of Cécile, the worried mother of Mathis and you will be eager to be next to Hélène, a teacher concerned that she cannot help these children in danger. Kept on your toes by a pen that runs at great speed, this spiralling fiction will absorb you as you read its 206 pages. During the entire book, you will remain on high alert, worried, but with an irrepressible need to know how the story ends—and quickly.

Because it will remind you of the best le moments spent with the books of Delphine de Vigan

The characters of this novel, very quickly absorbed by dark forces, will surely remind you of Delphine in « Elle », from her last best seller D’après une histoire vraie. With a Théo who pushes Mathis always further in terms of risk, the worrisome theme of one individual taking power over another is back on track full swing. Purposefully striving to unravel reality from appearances (Théo is a child who has issues but does not want to show it), Delphine de Vigan will keep you on your toes with a danger zone that in turn is hidden and then displayed.

Les Loyautés, Delphine de Vigan, Published by JC Lattès, €17

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