Anonymity guaranteed: the most chilling thriller of the year

Anonymat Garanti

Tired of getting stupid every night in front of Netflix series ? Train your brain with an equally addicting thriller like The Sinner , You or Unbelievable . A manipulative psychiatrist, a young woman with terrible secrets and an unfaithful husband… So many ingredients that the authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen use in Guaranteed Anonymity for a high level result.

An original and well-crafted pitch

If Jessica, makeup artist for individuals, seizes the opportunity to participate in a psychological test, it is first of all for the generous compensation offered to her. But over the more and more intrusive questions ( Have you ever done a lot of harm to a loved one? Would you be able to lie without feeling guilty? ), The young woman develops an increasingly justified paranoia. When she meets the endearing Dr. Shields , the psychiatrist behind this test, her worries are silent. Jessica tells him her heaviest family secrets… until she regrets it bitterly.

The ingredients of an addictive series

Portrait de Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman et Christopher Abbot acteur de la serie the sinner you

What better than a diabolical and sublime psychiatrist to fuel the pitch of a hellish thriller? Nothing, especially since Dr. Shields looks like two drops of water physically like Nicole Kidman from Eyes wide shut : how this slender, delicate and apparently irreproachable woman will know how to handle an innocent young woman to the to plunge into a terrible descent into hell? Twists galore, unbearable suspense, multi-faceted characters, adultery, dubious and toxic psychiatry… What else?


Couverture du roman Anonymat Garanti de Greer Hendricks et Sarah Pekkanen

After the success of One Woman of Us , the American writers (yes yes, two women), continue to impress with this haunting and brilliantly constructed thriller… Sleepless nights to be expected, pending, perhaps, the adaptation serial !

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Guaranteed anonymity of Greer Hendricks Sarah Pekkanen at Editions Presses de la Cité

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