An almost normal family: the thriller to devour by the fireside

Livre Polar

Are country weekends and evenings in front of the fireplace approaching and you have nothing very exciting to read? Do not panic, we have found you THE polar of the fall to read in apnea. In An almost normal family , the Swedish MT Edvardsson plunges us into the free and brutal fall of (almost) balanced individuals. Why this thriller will harm your social life:

One truth, three versions

With a pastor father and a lawyer mother , Nineteen-year-old Stella grows up in a balanced environment. So far, so good. But when the teenager is suspected of the murder of a young and brilliant businessman, the family scales explode.

The storytelling genius of the Scandinavian author begins: to allow the reader to form his own opinion on the situation, MT Edvardsson plays with space-time and we take turns in the shoes of the three main characters. If Adam , the father, is willing to lie on schedules to defend his daughter whom he feels innocent, Ulrika , the mother, seems capable of breaking even more rules to get her released. Stella , she wonders about the funny impulses that have always plagued her ...

Characters close to you

And you, what would you have done in place of the father, the mother of a potential murderer? Would you be ready (e) (really) anything to defend your possibly guilty child? Far from haughty investigators and bloodthirsty murderers , the heroes of this thriller are normal and tick, a priori, all the boxes of the perfect innocents .

Right in his boots, Pastor Adam is very moral and madly in love with his daughter. Just like Ulrika , this pragmatic lawyer who tries to keep a cool head to manage the situation. Impossible not to take affection for these characters who could be our friends.

A dangerously addictive plot

We are already warning you: stop everything and cancel your planned evenings. Because once the first pages have been devoured, you will not be able to get away from the intrigue before knowing the end of the story . The strength of this thriller ? Make you the shock investigator tasked with solving the investigation… until the last page. Do not dream, impossible to guess the breathtaking ending!

An almost normal family , MT Edvardsson, Sonatine, 528 pages, € 22.

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