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Connecting the world of the deaf and the hearing, such is the creed of Elise Khettat , a former communicator reconverted into responsible beauty. After creating Le rouge àongles , a vegan , ethical and inclusive brand that promotes the employment of deaf and hard of hearing women, the entrepreneur has just opened Griffe , her first nail salon, for the moment ephemeral, where time never is no longer an enemy but an ally for a beauty interlude cut off from the world.

Slow manicure

Nestled in a courtyard on Place Madeleine , Griffe found its first refuge in the back shop of jeweler 18CT (for 18 carats) which campaigns for durable and timeless jewellery. These values, which run counter to overproductive and ultra-polluting fast fashion , are shared by Elise Khettat, convinced that beauty can be given meaning even with varnish , one of the glamorous assets most used by women but also the most controversial with regard to its components which are not very compatible with the protection of the environment. In her living room bathed in light, sheltered from prying eyes and where the scent of solvents does not attack the sense of smell, we come to have our hands and/or feet beautified with varnishes that do not break. no friendship with petrochemicals. And above all, we get out of the stress.

Less is more

Despite a name that leans more towards excess than naturalness, at Griffe we advocate minimalist nail art , healthy nails while sublimating them. With this holistic approach, feet and hands are no longer attacked and are pampered in the same way as the skin thanks to personalized protocols that avoid aggression. Cuticles and small skins are not violated, but on the contrary gently cleansed, modeled then hydrated with a selection of 4-star products: Holidermie oil and Byredo or Chanel enveloping cream . Most ? Even if you opt for a semi-permanent CND Shellac lacquer (yes, you also need it with the coming summer), the meticulous, attentive and patient removal is done with total respect for the nails!

The virtuous beauty

In addition to having a positive impact on the environment thanks to its bio-based plant varnishes, the absence of water use, the show also has a societal impact +++ by supporting professional training and the recruitment of women deaf. It was after a decisive meeting that Elise became aware of the exclusion suffered by these women with disabilities . Since then, she has made it her hobbyhorse and the slogan of her brand Le Rouge à ongle, “the art of speaking with your hands”. The passionate and caring team welcomes us at home for a healthy and delicate manicure. We love it!

GRIFFE , open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. until July 2

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