The first puppy yoga class in Paris

Puppy Yoga

It's all over TikTok and Instagram! Puppy yoga, an unusual practice straight from the United States, where you work on your postures in the presence of adoptable puppies, now has its temple in Paris. We tried out this kawaii concept that everyone is talking about.


How does it work?

The idea? 20 minutes of yoga and 40 minutes of relaxation, perfect for beginners! Once you arrive at the apartment (the address is kept secret until the reservation), you can already hear the little noises of the puppies eagerly waiting to meet you. And then comes the irresistible part: 10 puppies, playful or sleepy, ready to prevent you from mastering your warrior pose...

Stretching, simple poses, gentle music: it's all about relaxation rather than performance. It's hard to concentrate with all these paws trying to climb all over you! Phew, the yoga part is already over, now it's time for playtime. We grab balls and toys to get the attention of our favorite furry friends, and of course, we capture the moment on Insta. And what if we took one home with us?


But who are these puppies?

Huskies, Australian Shepherds, and Dobermans: those are the three (future big) dog breeds that you'll be able to cuddle during the sessions. Coming from breeders near Paris, these sessions primarily serve to socialize the puppies during their critical period of development, helping them become less fearful and learn to play in a group. Of course, if you have a special connection, you can consider adoption, even though it's not the primary goal. Remember, having a dog is a big responsibility and a decision that requires careful consideration, especially for animals of this size in Paris. If you have any doubts, the breeders are present during the sessions to answer all your questions.

Psst: Due to its success and high demand, spots fill up very quickly! We recommend signing up for their newsletter or following their Instagram account to stay updated and secure your spot when the ticket sales open for upcoming dates.

Puppy Yoga, class for €35, online reservation.

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