The discipline of US twigs is finally landing in Paris

Pilate sessions at the reformation club in Paris

Toned. Sculpted. Thin. Sexy… Obviously, we  imagine that like us, this is exactly the body you dream of.

We have good news, thel method that really works for top models and actresses from L.A to New York has just landed in Paris at Reformation, the new  glam’ and efficient gym at Carreau du Temple.

The proof: all the twigs of the Marais are already rushing over there Normal : Reformer, is the Pilates for hot chicks, invented by Joseph Pilates en personne.

Its promise : “In 10 sessions you will truly feel the difference. And in 20 sessions you will feel the difference. In 30 sessions you will have a new body”.

With 8 to 10 persons per course  on highly sophisticated machines, this method helps you to sculpt your body with surgical precisions, making you elongated and slim like no other.

Holding your head high like star ballerinas, the thin and prettily rounded fanny of a top model, streamlined legs, a flat tummy and nicely shaped ankles: we owe it all to the Reformer method...

Reformation gym in Paris

We like: addictive and super efficient 55 minute courses that give you a great workout without perspiring like a camel. So even if a chic locker room and showers are available,  you can perfectly well put your clothes back on and return to work feeling great.

We are telling you : by going 2 to 3 times per week,  you will have the body of Blake Lively this Summer.

30€ per course.  180€ for the illimited package formula.

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Where to find it?

Reformation Pilates

175 Rue du Temple

75003 Paris

01 48 04 73 15

Arts-et-metiers Arts-et-metiers

Temple Temple

Arts-et-metiers Arts-et-metiers

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