How to infiltrate the Ritz pool ?

Paddling for hours in the XXL Ritz pool. Drowsing in the jacuzzi. Detoxifying your skin at the hammam. Reading a good book on a comfy lounge chair, listening to water splashing. Instagramming the entire adventure with nonchalance. Who has not dreamed one day of a being part of the happy few Ritz Club members, favoured by the stars and wealthy tourists around place Vendôme?

Maybe you were not aware, but in fact the Chanel spa of the Ritz Club is in fact open to all for €200 per day, and even from 6:30am to 10pm if you wish. And this is precisely the moment to book your entrance to “be part of the scene”. Explanations. Pegged to their innovation month, the Ritz Club is inviting until the 22nd of  December, companies specialized in well-being, with at the key a wide array of bluffing machines and protocols dispatched in the entire spa. Your challenge, if you accept it: test everything. Dare or not dare?

The innovative beauty / health protocols

Just check it out: a magical apparatus, both therapist, corporal assessment and sports coach (Huber 360), a quick measure of minerals and heavy metals in the palm of the hand (OligoScan), a small light-therapy pause (Helight), a shoot of cellular oxygenation (Bol d’air Jacquier), a tool to fall asleep in 8 minutes (Dodow), a skin analysis by connected mirror (HiMirror), or a machine to shake up that little tummy and its unwanted flab in the water (Cardi’eau Shaper).

To test absolutely

The connected hypnosis mask (Hypnos) that puts you in sound  immersion with a young Indian woman near a fireplace or under the rain, while a talented masseuse takes care of your hands and your arms. Fabulous. And, to take a dip in the basin “for a reason” (if you needed one), the waterproof and floating screen that connects you to a live ocean video, to stalk sharks in their natural habitat (VirtualDive). Just like kids!

And afterwards?

Once you have been a good pupil and tested everything properly, just take advantage of the pool at 31°C, the hammam with essential oils, the tropical shower and the jacuzzi. And for a full circle with panache, go for an extra princess Chanel treatment: a nail polish application (€60), a relaxing massage (€210) or personalized makeup (€190 ).

Open from 6:30am to 10pm. Information and signing up: - 01 43 16 30 60


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Clémence Renoux

Where to find it ?

Ritz Paris

15 Place Vendôme

75001 Paris

01 43 16 30 30

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