How to infiltrate the Ritz this summer?

Ritz Club spa with swimming pool, sauna, hammam in Paris

Splashing around for hours in the XXL pool of the Ritz. Dozing off in the jacuzzi. Benefitting from a skin detox at the hammam. Reading a good book on your comfy lounging chair, to the soft sound of water lapping. Instagramming everything with nonchalance. Who has not dreamed of one day being part of the happy few Ritz Club members— big fave of stars and tourists wandering about Place Vendôme?

Maybe you did not know, but the Chanelspa of the Ritz Club is in fact open to everyone for €200 per day, and even from 6:30am to 10pm if you wish. And it’s precisely the moment to book your entrance to be “part of the scene.”

Explanations. Each Friday from the 2nd of August to the 27nd of September included, the Ritz Club is organizing a muscular awakening morning followed by a detox breakfast with day access to the installations (fitness center, sauna, hammam, basin…), all for € 220 per person. That’s only €20 more than the usual rate, but in addition, you get a stretching session and breakfast.

How to go about it?

7:45am: arrive at the hotel with your sports gear and bathing suit (actually, this is one of the only places in the world that will make you get out of bed with such impatience). Head for the Ritz Club in the lower level of the palace, to the right. You are given a card for the changing rooms where you can slip on your leggings and a t-shirt. Now it’s time for the sports room or with a little luck, the garden, if no event is scheduled. There, one of the private coaches of the Ritz (for us, the adorable and ultra-supple Charline) awaits you for a 6-person maximum session during 45 minutes.

And afterwards?

After the effort, comes the comfort. We go back to the changing rooms to slip on a bathing suit and bathrobe and sit at a table, by the pool, around a detox breakfast. That’s palace style. Then, you can take advantage of the pool at 31°, the fitness room with high-tech machines, the hammam with essential oils, the tropical shower and the jacuzzi. And, for an upscale finishing, you can make an appointment for a wonderful princess treatment by Chanel: nail polish application(€60), a relaxing massage (€215) or personalized makeup (€190).

Ça swing au Ritz Club – 220 € per person. Open from 6:30am to 10pm. From the 2nd of August to the 27th of September included. Reservations are mandatory: - 01 43 16 30 60

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Where to find it?

Ritz Paris

15 Place Vendôme

75001 Paris

01 43 16 30 30

Tuileries Tuileries

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