Where to swim in Paris ?

Taking a swim in Paris, a dream project that Parisians have been hearing about for ages... Bingo ! The City Hall has just declared the bathing season open with three large basins open near République. Verdict: our new HQ for summer.

Everyone is talking about it, but concretely, how does it work? The rendezvous is taking place at the basin of Villette, metro Riquet or Laumière, right near MK2 Quai de Seine. First tip: arrive (very) early, at opening time, before the place becomes a beehive and think of checking the Affluences app to find out opening hours and peak times for the different pools!

And after? Slip on your bathing suits in small beach hut, immediately spread your towel on a deck chair and choose amongst the three huge basins: a paddling pool for the kids, an average size basin and then a much bigger basin—2 meters deep­— where you can swim laps.

We adore: the holiday sensation as soon as you get into the water, really clean and clear at the ideal temperature (around 23°).

And with small algae that sometimes come tickle your feet, it’s a total change of scenery.

Small tips for mommies: taking advantage of your child’s water wings to introduce him to the larger basic that is more calm.

This bathing spot is located quai de la Loire on the left bank of the basin de la Villette, downstream from the passerelle de la Moselle. Free entrance. Open until the 9th of September from 11am to 9pm. Be sure to have a one euro coin for the locker.

© Guillaume Bointemps / Mairie de Paris


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