The bar of it-bags for rent at Lorette&Jasmin

Le Bar Des It Bags A Louer Chez Lorette Jasmin Landing 1

The it-bag is to the fashionista what the guitar is to the rock star: indispensable to survival. Impossible to imagine a fashionista without her Chanel bag attached to her shoulder. Yes but our bank account is not as filled as that of Mrs Beckham or a certain twig…

The solution for penniless fashionistas? Renting an it-bag at Lorette & Jasmin. After the nail and chignons bag, the super second hand shop of the 16th is launching the concept for a bar of bags.

The iconic Birkin by Hermès, the Luggage by of the brand new polka dot Céline Speedy by Louis Vuitton x Kusama (collector!), from the most classic to the most trendy al the must-have are presented on the huge wall of the boutique. Just choose your darling and the Holy Grail will be yours for 3 days (starting at 15 €), one week (starting at 25 €), 15 days (starting at 25 €) or a month (starting at 75 €).

We love: a great way to play the it-girl without having to call your banker.

Monday from 1h30 pm to 7pm, Tuesday to Saturday from 10h30am to 7pm.

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