The Halcyon : a palace under siege

The Halcyon

You liked the atmosphere and the intrigues of Downton Abbey ? No doubt that you will immediately fall under the charm of The Halcyon, the English series that has landed on France 3.

War with Germany has been declared… London, 1940, we are at the heart of one of the most deluxe upscale hotels in the English capital.

Owned by the sulfurous Lord Hamilton, The Halcyon is the theater of British glamour in all its splendour… Starting with the royal suite of the palace where Lord Hamilton has set up his scandalous mistress, very close to the Nazi party…

Following the confidences of the younger Hamilton son, this liaison, cast in broad daylight by an American journalist, creates a scandal… and leads Lord Hamilton to have a fatal heart attack.

To ensure the continuation of the palace : the older son is designated by his mother Lady Priscilla. Her first requirement? Firing Garmond, the respectable director of the hotel, whom she accuses of having backed the treacherous behavior of her dead husband. But the young pilot is in love with Garmond, receptionist of  The Halcyon

Jazzy evenings, stolen kisses, treasons, a slew of cocktails and military strategies, eight addictive episodes that lead you through the backstage corridors of the palace, to MI5 headquarters, bomb raids and the worldly inside-track habits of high society…

The Halcyon, from Thursday, February 8 at 9pm on France 3.

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