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Le Comptoir Local

The new chic fad, we all know, is to buy high quality, fresh, local products… Except that like most overbooked Parisiennes, you often end up going to Monoprix at 8pm without ever having time to shop in a real market!

We have very good news, this is exactly what is offering Le Comptoir Local

The concept? Make your list of products, the Comptoir fills up your basket with the best Ile-de-France producers and delivers everything in 48h.

On the program, top notch products at cool prices: amazing yogurts from the farm of Petit Remy (from 1,60€), Mara wild strawberries from the Bourjot family (4,90€ for 250g), super fresh eggs laid by free range chickens (1,70€ for 6), artisanal butter (3,20€) and ultra-desirable cheese from the Ferme de Mauperthuis (5,30€ for a Tomme de Sancy). Count 2,50€ for a green kale cabbage, 1,60€ for real traditional apple juice, or 2,50€ for 500g of farmer cheese.

Tops: the art of making local earthy products ultra-sexy, simple to get and without having to spend a wad.

Fab: free delivery in Paris starting at 60€ of purchases.

So just click for your market on: www.lecomptoirlocal.fr

48h delivery in Paris and in the entire Ile-de-France region. Possible from Tuesday to Saturday, in a 2h bracket.

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