Aésop invents the stylish mouthwash

The  Aésop team is filled with ideas. After "Post-Poo Drops" that made all last year’s fashionistas blush and laugh, the Australian brand is doing it again with a provocative and amusing cosmetic.

Hooray for chic vintage! Aésop has rehabilitated mouthwash by turning a Granny’s potion considered totally has-been into a glam product...

Top-models can set aside their infallible technique for nice breath that consists in chewing basil.

The new "mouth"  fragrance is formidable alliance of green mint menthe, clove and aniseed.

We looove : the bottle with furiously retro allures to boost the decor of your cuisine or your bathroom. Pleasure and efficiency, such is the DO IT SPIRIT !

Mouthwash. Price: 20 €

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