These new hair care treatments that boost your mood 

The best hair institute in Paris

When your hair is dull, lifeless, or brittle, a good deep treatment is the saving grace before reaching for the scissors. In the spirit of sacrifice, our team has dedicated themselves to testing three incredible hair care protocols that will bring hope to all the hair woes.


The Most Relaxing

Christophe Nicolas Biot Hair institute in Paris

For whom ? Souls in search of hair vitality and a soothing scalp massage.

The salon ? Christophe Nicolas-Biot Hair Salon at the heart of the Lutetia Palace. Head to the well-being floor, -1.

The promise ? Walk out of the treatment with a light head, hydrated and invigorated lengths. A significant dopamine boost !

The protocol ? Vincent welcomes us into a private cabin at the heart of the hotel's spa. He begins by applying a scalp treatment, followed by a completely amazing deep scalp massage lasting nearly half an hour with a combination of vigorous and profound movements. The sensations are otherworldly ! After this ultimate well-being interlude, it's time for hair cryotherapy. Vincent uses plates at -18 degrees to seal the hair cuticles with the treatment inside. Finish with styling, and you're good to go. The result ? Leave the cabin with a dreamy mane and a mind cleared of all negative vibes.

Christophe Nicolas-Biot at Lutetia Palace. Hotel Le Lutetia, 45 Boulevard Raspail, Paris 6th. Open from Thursday to Monday, 7 am to 10 pm. Biot Treatment, 1 hour - €150. Book online.


The most visionary

HairSpa by Flora hair institute in Paris

For whom ? Those who dream of relaxation but, more importantly, need deep hair treatment.

The right salon ? In the privacy of La Réserve Hotel's spa Nescens, this treatment is carried out by the expertise of Flora Lab Paris, a brand specializing in scalp care.

The promise ? A different approach to hair care, starting with treating the scalp rather than just cleansing it, as many do. The idea here is to apply the same routine to your hair as you do for your skin : cleansing, exfoliation, application of treatments, and massages.

The protocol ? The treatment begins with a hair and scalp diagnostic, using a micro-camera to scan the condition of your hair and tailor the treatment accordingly. The protocol starts with a welcoming massage where you can choose from 6 scents. Then, the hair is detoxified using a quartz comb to prepare the scalp for the treatment. Next, they apply Scalp Balance Serum No.1 with an Air Brush, which sprays the treatment onto the roots. The serum is massaged in with a focus on shiatsu points. The result ? You'll leave with a noticeable improvement in your hair.

Important : It's recommended to wash your hair the day before or in the morning before the treatment. Note that styling is not included in the treatment. If you want a blowout, you'll need to request it in advance for an additional fee (210 €). Otherwise, it will be a classic drying.

HairSpa by Flora at La Réserve Paris, 42 Avenue Gabriel, Paris 8th. Open daily from 9 am to 9 pm. Pro-Collagen Treatment, 45 minutes - €200. Book online.


The most revitalizing

R'Factory hair institute in Paris

For whom ? Damaged hair ! Gianni Coppa's Botox treatment is THE solution for those looking to resurrect their hair in less than 2 hours.

The salon ? R'Factory, a brand-new salon spread across 2 floors, featuring a soothing shampoo area and furniture designed for telecommuting. What's even better : all products are vegan and natural.

The promise ? Hair resurrection. This Botox treatment softens, revitalizes, and shapes the lengths.

The protocol ? Upon arrival at the salon, Gianni performs two purifying shampoos to open the cuticles. Then, Botox is applied to well-drained hair and left to sit for 20 to 30 minutes under gentle ventilation. Once the Botox is absorbed, a blowout is done to close the cuticles and leave your hair glossy.

R'Factory, 33 Rue de Palestro, Paris 2nd. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm. Prices range from €100 to €240, depending on hair length and thickness. Book online.


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