Café Smörgas : the best Swedish bar for tartines in Paris


Do you know smörgas (pronounce smeurgosse) ? Ok, the name is a little barbaric, but these tartines originally from Sweden are just as sexy—if not more­—as the girls from their native country!

Great, this 100% Nordic porn food has found a perfect place in Paris: Café Smörgas. Yes, you know it’s the Scandinavian coffee-shop next to La Trésorerie, the super cool chic concept-store of the10th arrondissement. Since the Winter season, the place has slightly revisited its to make it even more cocooning and has hired a new bearded super handsome chef. All the more reason to go grab a bite there (a tartine natch !).

Anatomy of the delight: une tranche de pain au levain, with extra varied organic ingredients,: salmon and fresh cream ; avocado sauerkraut ; cream of feta and dry figs ; raclette cheese and  (warm) potatoe. Way to go: choose your two favourite smörgas, add the soup (onions, gruyère, croutons) and the salad of the moment (penne, spinach, feta, olives), and in case of heavy blues go for the banana bread or the gluten-free carrot cake.

Tops also: comforting breakfasts featuring sweet tartines, granola or kanelbulle, the Swedish cinnamon roll, with a nice filter coffee roasted by the gang of Belleville Brûlerie. The slow life like in Sweden.


Open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm, Saturday from 9am to 6:30pm. Breakfast formula 8,50€. Lunch formula 11,50-16,50€.

Also check out Café Suédois and the recipe of smorrebrods, and Danish tartines

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