Where to rent a dare-dare country house?

Domaine Trigaliere

Confinement requires, those who have already lived in camera in their micro apartment and XXL queues at Monop confirm it to you: never again. The question arises frankly: where to go to install valos, computer and baby to reconfine yourself?

The Domaine de la Trigalière

Activities for children at the Domaine de Trigalière

We have found the ideal spot in Touraine to work in a peace and love environment, jog in the pampas, take a bath to unwind after your last Zoom meeting, drink a glass of wine in front of a fireplace, pick mushrooms on weekend and bake cakes in a kitchen more beautiful than that of Cyril Lignac with beautiful products from the farm. And why not find inspiration to write this famous novel that you had never started?

15 houses lost in the forest

Trigaliaire, a huge estate of several hundred hectares with a castle and 15 country houses lost in the forest

Here is the picture: an immense domain of several hundred hectares where are scattered a castle and 15 country houses lost in the forest with autumn colors surrounded by meadows and ponds, where we meet deer, far from the world and the virus.

Depending on your smala (there is something for all sizes), we choose a small house in lovers mode, just for two or three at the Petit Prépinson up to the Mélodie du bonheur version at the Petite Trigalière for 18 people.

Supplies on the farm

basket with poultry, goat cheese, chicken, guinea fowl, ducks, fresh eggs, beef, veal, apple juice and sparkling, milet, confiote.

Another great fact: the 2 hour line in front of Franprix, that was before. You will be able to do your shopping with a bike ride to the Ferme des Bernellerie , where Nadia and Vincent offer their produce for direct sale: poultry, goat cheese, chickens, guinea fowl, ducks, fresh eggs, beef, veal, juice and sparkling apple, millet, confiote. The full of fruits and vegetables, organic products and good bread, it is also managed, with the possibility of being delivered.

Catering service domaine Trigalière

In the event of laziness, we hold on better than UberEats . A catering service manages and delivers a good fresh quiche and other Rabelaisian delicacies ...

How to get there?

By car 3 hours from Paris or by train, Tours 1 hour from Paris by TGV + 30 minutes transfer managed by the estate.

From 850 € per week.

Also discover a sublime hotel residence in Normandy and a country house like in a hotel .

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