Incredible elixirs, balms and ointments

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It’s the new beauty snobbism that is going to make Parisiennes go wild. Everything you need for a vintage boudoir can be found at Santa Maria Novella, the nec plus ultra. This will definitely give a retro-chic touch to your bathroom.

Very confidential until now, the cosmetics apothecary created in the 13th century by monks from the Dominican Order has just opened in the Beauty space of Bon Marché.

An occasion to discover creations that have established its reputation over the years, including the famous perfume of Catherine de Médicis, hair treatments, body oils,  handmade soaps, bath salts, perfumed candles and other marvelous treasures…

We like: concoctions that have remained exactly the same over the centuries such as their Santa Novella Water recommended against hysteria—old fashioned is the new chic.

The plus: crafted with natural products.

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Where to find it?

Le Bon Marché

24, rue Sèvres

75007 Paris

01 44 39 80 00

Sèvres-babylone Sèvres-babylone

Vaneau Vaneau

Sèvres-babylone Sèvres-babylone

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