Julie (in 12 chapters): the intellectual Bridget Jones of Generation Z

Julie En 12 Chapitres

Getting the job of your dreams, living an incredible love story and feeling really happy: an impossible combo? This is the existential question posed by Norwegian director Joachim Trier ( Oslo, August 31 ) with Julie (in 12 chapters) , presented in official competition at the Cannes Film Festival in theaters on October 13 and which everyone is talking about, literally.

An epic worthy of the I May Destroy You series

Our life seldom resembles what we wrote in our diary when we were 15 years old. A realistic observation that inspired Joachim Trier to play the character of Julie, in need of freedom and convinced that she can change her fate like her shoes.

It gives 12 sequences in the form of chapters and slices of everyday life: a tea time with his mother, an Instagram buzz in #metoo mode, a break-up, a weekend in the countryside with friends, a party or even a coup de lightning.

So many doubts and disillusions of a charming thirty-something bohemian but caught up with her fear of commitment and a certain attraction for sabotage. Doesn't that remind you of a certain Bridget Jones or I May Destroy You ?

A romantic drama 2.0

Julie ( Renate Reinsve ) is a bright and idealistic young woman who fumbles over her life choices and wants to vibrate every second. After having passed her medical diplomas and then followed up with psychotherapy, she decides on the photo ... Until the next turnaround. In parallel, she multiplies the conquests, from the psycho teacher to the mannequin of her shootings ...

The 30th birthday ticking is approaching. Now employed in a bookstore, she meets Aksel ( Anders Danielsen Lie ), author of underground comics, intellectual and anti-conformist with whom she tries to pose. He is 15 years older than her, desires for children that she does not share, and friends that she hates. But too bad… at least at the beginning. After a few months of living together, Julie suffocates in this couple routine that does not suit her.

To live intensely ... or not to be

It took a little passion to revive this heroine in need of thrills ... but not badass for a penny.

While she decides to embed herself at a stranger's party, Julie flirts with Eivind ( Herbert Nordrum ), also in a relationship. In the morning, everyone goes home, obsessed with this new meeting ... Except that they don't know anything about each other, and have no way of contacting each other.

Portrait of a generation trapped in its contradictions

The opposite of a party, being 30 for a woman symbolizes the end of freedom , a breaking point hammered by a society that multiplies injunctions and imposes choices. This is the purpose of this liberating and brilliant film through the period of life that Julie goes through, an eternal teenager who refuses the codes of the world before without managing to live in phase with her aspirations.

Pure product of the new gen #metoo who dreams of breaking free from diktats , the thirty- something drowns in paradoxes that we know by heart. Julie claims to be “a hyper independent girl ” but unable to be alone for more than 2 hours, who flees loneliness and settles in with her new boyfriend after two days. “ Children? Maybe, but not sure ”, as she lives with an older man who dreams of starting a family. Impossible not to recognize yourself in this severe and empathetic portrait of a generation in the midst of an existential crisis . To meditate.

Julie (in 12 chapters) , in theaters Wednesday, October 13.


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