Grow shrooms at home!


Long live indoor cultures! The latest chic? Serve to your guests a salad of mushrooms or radishes cultivated by your pretty manicured hands.

Good news ! No need to have a vegetable garden nor even a balcony. is a site featuring super compact mushroom culture kits (no bigger than a bag of flour) that you can easily fit in your kitchen or use to pimp your living room decor.

We adore: growing your own pleurotes that will be fab in a 100% home made risotto or salad.

Upkeep? Very easy. Two/three water pschiits morning and evening with the supplied sprayer. Ten days later, pick your pleurottes before cooking them. This will bring a definite forest touch to an omelet or a croque-monsieur.

We like: a fun way of eating something organic and grown locally without necessarily having a green thumb.

kit champignons prêt à pousser

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