Hurray for the design salad bag!

Sac A Salade

Issue: you are hooked to leafy greens and veggies that you like to eat in raw-food mode for a great variety of healthy salads.

Problem: lettuces, kale, carrots, mini-courgettes systematically wilt in your icebox and end up in the dustbin. And you have to make do with the « iceberg » variety, sold in plastic bags, filled with water and very bland.

We have good news for all those who want to enjoy the natural savors of lettuce from the vegetable garden: Trudeau has launched a small revolution thanks to its very stylish salad bag (12,95€).

We adore: it keeps lettuce crunchy for at least 10 days thanks to super absorbing microfibers.

Tops: it works for all freshly washed greens. Ideal for veggie fans. Just wash them lovingly, place them in a bag and in the ice box for 10 days without having to worry.

We also like: the anti-cuts glove in reinforced synthetic fibers, for all clumsy types (11,95€).

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