The institute where you epilate without hurting

Institut D Artois

How to have a very soft kitty without morfling? It's every woman's dream: to have waxed without screaming or wanting to twist the beautician's neck.

Not crazy: the dancers of Crazy Horse Paris, the actresses and the top models who must always be nickel have found the plan " in the hair " ...

The best hair removal in Paris

All these beautiful people flock to the Institut d'Artois to get the best hair removal in Paris .

True bulb gurus, Isabelle and her longtime collaborator, Nadia, have seen high-end Parisiennes parade through their pocket institution for twenty years.

The “ je ne sais quoi ” that makes all the difference? An obsession with detail and softness, which will appeal to maniacs and comforters alike.

Their magic recipe not to make you scream? Precede epilation by laying hot towels with orange blossom and finish with a massage with argan oil. Without forgetting a gesture and an inimitable know-how.

75 € for the whole legs + bikini + armpits formula.

Also find out how to eradicate your cellulite and the good advice of a beautician for waxing alone at home.

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