The detergent of a great perfumer

After working in the shadow of leading names (the famous Mâle for Jean-Paul Gaultier that’s him), the talented perfumer Francis Kurkdjian founded his own House in 2009.

Because the combination of smells and the accumulation of fragrances can easily shift to olfactive schizophrenia, this ubiquitous creator of pleasing smells has conceived a Laundry detergent and softener with the same essence as his cult perfume, Aqua Universalis.

One finds the same bouquet of lemon, bergamot, white flours and light woods, for a perfect harmony between our linens and our skin.

We like : both versions of the detergent, light and dark hues, to take good care of fabrics.

The must : a small spray of eau de toilette fragrance on our morning outfit, leaving a subtle and unique wake behind you.

Concentrated fragrant detergent light or dark hues, 20 loads, 1L, 32 €

Fragrant textile softener, 20 loads, 1L, 32 €

Eau de toilette Aqua Universalis spray 70 mL, 105 €

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