The detox reflex of healthy-girls


Good resolution n°1. Loose those unwanted kilos and that unsightly flab after having indulged in champagne, foie gras and chocolates.

Our top post revelry solution: go for a 100% juice cure during 5 days and drink only ultra-vitamin potions, filled with "high energy foods" such as spirulina, wheat herbs or aloe vera.

Here is the delicious liquid “it detox” diet already adopted by all the healthy-girls with goddess bodies, starting with Gwyneth Paltrow. Result? Very quickly your body slims down and you will regain amazing energy and a fresh complexion while eliminating bad toxins. In short, you will feel light, in good shape and purified to start off the New Year!

Tops also: other slimming cures adapted to your whims and to play the pleasure card! You like cocooning soup? Opt for the « Juice & Double Soup » cure.

You have decided to go all out in terms of detox and to mix sports + diet cure at the same time, go for the “Active Delight” option specially put together for its high energy.

If you are a « raw food » fan, adopt the Botanical cure that twists juices with 100% veggie no-lactose nor gluten dishes …

We adore: an ultra trendy formula and the nec plus ultra of « healthy », delivered every morning by messenger at your home or office!  Ideal for lazy bones who want to loose weight without preparing anything.

Price of the magic formula? 254,15€ instead of 299€ with the promotional code DOITINPARIS, reserved for all our readers who will benefit from a 15% discount on:

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