The Fountains of youth for Parisiennes

Good news for all the Parisiennes whose motto is « work, cocktail and nicotine ». We have found an ultra buffer against the effects of time on our pretty faces !

The ultra-bio Opale Monaco line is offering us a second skin with its anti-wrinkle serum.

The miracle recipe ? Natural hyaluronic acid, that allows us to reboost our rate of collagen to smooth and fill out those small face wrinkles. Exclusively composed of natural and organic ingredients (algae, oat, fruit…), this treatment is made without a synthetic active principle, without silicone, without mineral oil nor paraben. A luxury for our skin often aggressed by chemical products of leading brands.

A customized fountain of youth directly from the Principality of Monaco to delight the most exacting princesses.

We love : the ultra-fluid texture and its irresistible citrus fragrance.

Opale Monaco Sérum Wrinkle  Lift

99€ the bottle of 30 ml

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