I, Tonya, the film on the skater who created a scandal

Moi Tonya

In 1994, American skater Tonya Harding is totally in the spotlight. But this time, it’s not a question of sports performances. The one who was the first to test with success the triple axel figure is suspected of having organized the aggression of her main rival Nancy Kerrigan to eliminate her from the race to the Olympics.

More than a news item, this new film by Craig Gillespie with Margot Robbie portrays without any filter a very sensitive young woman, who just wanted to be loved. 3 good reasons to get your ticket.

Because Margot Robbie is the new Charlize Theron

margot robbie

After slipping into the costume of a badass super heroine in Suicide Squad (DC Comics), the atomic bomb, revealed next to Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street showcases all her actress talents. Quite like Charlize Theron in Monster, Margot Robbie (also Australian) totally erases her identity as a bankable comedian becoming Tonya, from her pimply teens to a settled 40-year-old. A true-to-life interpretation requiring 4 months of training and hundreds of hours on YouTube to reproduce the mimics and certain pirouettes of the skater. At the key, a solid nomination for the Oscar as best actress.

For the tragic fall of a cursed athlete

Abandoned by her father, beaten by her mother, submitted to the violence of her husband, Tonya Harding grew up being humiliated. Added to that, there was the disdain of the competition judges, much too keen about protecting the pristine image of American artistic skating to give the first place to a livewire redneck in a home-sewn costume. Despite her technical exploits, the young woman never managed to shine in the eyes of her family and the American public.

For the scenes What the fuck ?

moi tonya film

When reality goes beyond fiction. Do certain sequences seem really exaggerated? Just say to yourself they were inspired by the real truth-. The film is based on the testimonies of main protagonists having taken part in the « incident » which took place at the time.

Controversial interviews, where each one gives their own with overwhelming self-assurance in addition. Rush over there!

I, Tonya by Craig Gillespie, to be released on the 21st of February.

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