Win an Angelina Mont-Blanc Yule log for New Year’s eve !

Angelina Yule log

A Yule log…certainly. But it must be chic, couture and truly divine.

This is exactly what the house of Angelina is offering… For the holidays:  the mythical tea salon twisted the Mont-Blanc, their iconic pastry (whose recipe has remained a secrete since a century) and a Yule log. Wow!

For all the big amateurs, just know that one finds all the Mont-Blanc assets : crispy meringue, light Chantilly cream and chestnut cream vermicelli. Mhhhhh !

Good news : DO IT IN PARIS and Angelina have teamed up so you can win a Mont-Blanc Yule log for 8/10 persons (69€). Well, so now at least you’ve chose the dessert!

PS : for a small intimate Christmas dinner, be aware that the Mont-Blanc log also exists in individual format …

Contest over

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