Berlin 59: the vintage saga of three sisters

Serie Berlin 59

Did you like Speakerine and Downton Abbey ? You will love the second season of Berlin 59 , the vintage series from Arte .

A true family saga around the Schöllack sisters, director Annette Hess portrays young German women at the dawn of the 60's , caught between their desire for independence and a still overwhelming patriarchy, haunted by Nazism .

The ingredients of a good vintage series

It has everything to please: Berlin 59 skilfully mixes all the good ingredients of a mini-series that charms between the sets and costumes of the fifties , the emergence of rock , a good dose of drama, the eternal stories of girls, all in a complex political and societal context.

Maria Ehrich et Sabin Tambrea dans la série Berlin 59

Through the portraits of an omnipotent mother and three sisters with strong and complex personalities, including the rebel Monika, it is the chronicle of a not so distant time which takes shape in 6 episodes that we do not manage to let go.

A canon pitch

Sonja Gerhardt jouant le rôle de Monika Schöllack dans Berlin 59

Dancer and singer in search of freedom, Monika gave birth to a daughter, Dorli. Threatened by social services to place the little one in foster care, Monika entrusts Dorli to her sister Helga and her brother-in-law as she is propelled like a rising rock 'n' roll star .

A society of taboos

Only one child was missing to perfect the image of Épinal offered by Helga 's home… But under appearances, it is chaos that she is trying to control, a strained smile on her lips. Hidden homosexual, her husband resists his impulses less and less ...

For her part, Eva, the sublime youngest child, gradually sinks into depression, confronted with a backslid and misogynist husband, who treats her like a brainless trophy.

To complete the romance, Monika's old love, Joachim Franck, resurfaces. The handsome successful novelist comes to take care of his father, ex-Nazi ...

Sonja Gerhardt jouant Monika Schöllack dans Berlin 59

Also discover the new series with John Malkovitch in the skin of Hercule Poirot .

Berlin 2019 on Thursdays May 16 and 23, 2019 at 8:55 p.m. and in full on from May 16 to June 14.

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