Who are the new comedy stars?

Profession Standupper

Jamel Debbouze , Muriel Robin , Gad Elmaleh , The Unknowns , Elie Semoun has been bugging us since childhood. Who to take over from these icons of humor? What makes us laugh in 2020?

In the program Profession: stand-upper.euse on Canal + on October 19, Antoine de Caunes gives an overview of these new great talents who make us laugh. Around the table, the most trusted comedians of the moment: Roman Frayssinet the philosopher on psychotropic drugs, Marina Rollman the refined and his Funny humor on France Inter, Shirley Souagnon the heiress of the comedy club, Baptiste Lecaplain the Normand at the British humor, Kyan Khojandi, the calm who always calls himself “ the short guy ” and Thomas Ngijol , the pragmatist with sharp punchlines, discuss the vocation, the art of making jokes without hurting, from the absurdity to the English, their flop on stage or their icons, and explain their profession to us as they feel it in 2020. Quite uneven testimonies, but a whole that gives food for thought.

Make people laugh today

If the 80's were the heyday of political criticism ( Coluche , Pierre Desproges , Guy Bedos to name a few), the general public scene today is certainly more civilized. The desire to please everyone, the challenge of being as followed as possible on social networks have undoubtedly harmonized the speeches since the 2010s (with exceptions for some radio columnists like Nicole Ferroni who also hosts Piquantes , a 100% female comedy show on Téva, François Morel and Guillaume Meurice ).

Around Antoine de Caunes ' table, the neo-laughs reach at the end of the most interesting subject of the 48 minutes of broadcast: what are we laughing at in 2020? All these aces of the valve assume the benevolence. “ On stage, we don't come to settle accounts or do propaganda, we come to have fun. The important thing is to be funny, whatever the posture: absurd, political, committed ”, begins Thomas Ngijol , whose testimony is undoubtedly the most memorable.

And Baptiste Lecaplain added: “ It is very rare for people who are very mean on stage and who make everyone laugh. [...] We must not lose the notion of joke, of stories to tell which are funny, before being in a position ”. " From time to time, you realize that you made the fans laugh ," Marina Rollman still laughs . In short, to laugh happily, let's laugh at ourselves and not at others!

Profession: stand-upper.euse, Monday October 19 at 10:35 p.m. on CANAL + then in replay on www.canalplus.com

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