The new beauty rendezvous in Paris

Beauty institute in Paris

What are the latest concepts in view, anti-aging treatments, green cabins and holistic trends that are making Paris vibrate? Small listing of all the new appointments to be made urgently.


Treat yourself to express beauty in Clarins' new green concept

Clarins beauty institute in Paris

Focus on: the new generation setting signed by Clarins in the heart of the Marais , which definitely provides a masterful demonstration that one can be glam and green in a stunning staging, entirely designed in a responsible ecosystem. The mantra of the place: a perfect experience! Starting with 15 minutes of ultra-personalized advice and a make-up offered to all the clients who walk through the door of this temple of new gen beauty.

We go there for: the skin workshop with quick and effective treatments, designed for urban people, such as the 30-minute healthy glow flash (€ 30) which will relax you and give you back the glow immediately.

The extra thing? The new Le Marché de la Beauté Clarins ” corner with all the star products of the house in less than 100 ml to make your perfect and tailor-made travel kit.

Open every day

Clarins 45 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 4th

Book the best pedicure in Paris

Cabinet Sonia Tlili beauty institute in Paris

Zoom on: the secret address that the happy few pass under the cloak. Sonia Tlili's cozy and soothing practice combines the hats of pedicures , podiatrists and reflexologists in the Golden Triangle. In short: she is the goddess of feet.

We go there for: Sonia's haute couture protocol, which provides a tailor-made detox and energizing treatment thanks to her unparalleled knowledge of reflexology . Through pressure on the reflex zones and tapping where it hurts, she manages to untie tensions, rebalance the nervous system, release stress and re-harmonize the whole body. Before a rehab of her feet with a divinely sophisticated medical pedicure that gently tackles all the little ailments of the feet.

The extra thing? Applying optional varnish to complete the “ princess feet ” experience right down to the fingertips.

Cabinet Sonia Tlili , make an appointment at 01 45 05 25 46


Losing 10 years at Loft Holidermie

Loft Holidermie in Paris

Zoom on: the new Holidermie treatment room , the cutting-edge holistic beauty label launched by Mélanie Huynh, former right-hand man of Carine Roitfeld . Tucked away in a courtyard in the Marais, this extraordinary loft offers a new pillar and an even more advanced experience of its very avant-garde range of in & out treatments based on high-performance antioxidant products + the practice of facial yoga + really effective food supplements.

We go there to : treat ourselves to the insane anti-aging protocols of their super facialist. The HoliPulp Liftant facial treatment alternates percussion, pinching and smoothing to promote the elimination of toxins and boost circulation. All of this combined with the benefits of a rose quartz mask with, as a result, sculpted volumes and an illico plumped contour. Another star treatment: the Holi Youth Sculpt, an intraoral facial massage that targets the lower lips and the furrows to redraw the lower part of the face in depth. A small miracle (150 € and 180 € for the 1h15 treatment).

The extra thing? The loft brings together all the latest state-of-the-art beauty facilities such as the passive metabolic gym slimming cabin to lose weight while sleeping (€ 45 per session) or the Korean lift (€ 115 per session).

Loft Holidermie 44 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 4th, 07 86 40 19 67

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