Pop feminism: the Arte 100% girl power docu by Ariel Wizman with Aïssa Maïga and Leïla Slimani

Pop Feminisme

There are documentaries that make you want to go back to the streets to sing about your right to parity. Elise Baudouin and Ariel Wizman sign for Arte a resolutely feel good manifesto on the new codes of feminism . Pop feminism will air Friday, November 6 at 10:45 p.m., and this is the event not to be missed to celebrate the girl power .


Between the Weinstein affair and the #metoo that resulted from it, Donald Trump's latent misogyny and the soaring rate of femicides, recent years have been the scene of a turning point for the struggle. The proof, a year ago Paris hosted the largest feminist demonstration ever organized. Narrator of the documentary, Aïssa Maïga deciphers the icons that have made pop culture the spearhead of the new feminism. In short, explains writer Florence Montreynaud cheerfully, “ #metoo confirms what Beyoncé announces: that feminism is normal. It is to revolt against injustice and violence ”.

Starting with Queen B (“ New canon of mother and woman ”) and Maria Grazia Chiuri , DA of Dior . Both used the speech of the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie , in the song Flawless or on a t-shirt with the now cult slogan “ We should all be feminists ”. For her part, the author Leïla Slimani questions the desired objective: “ Is the goal of feminism to become men like any other? ”Or would the idea not rather be to change the world? You have an hour.

An uninhibited feminism

Roxane Gay, une auteur féministe

@Benoît Do Quang and @Morgan O'Donovan

Another key testimony, that of Roxane Gay , black American author, bisexual, obese and above all twisting, who develops in her book the uninhibiting concept of “ bad feminism ”. Because, yes, we have the right to like hip hop and romantic comedies while claiming to be feminist: “ There is no universal answer ”, no but.

In fact, empowerment is within everyone's reach. With messages deeply in the girl power carried by Madonna , Shania Twain , Angèle , the young French rapper Chilla , No Doubt , Bikini Kill or the Destiny's Child , the successes in the charts prove a real desire of the woman to feel represented. . It doesn't matter the way or the way: the cheeky Spice Girls do n't care about the rules and even go so far as to acclaim rough-and-tumble Margaret Thatcher, who got cool just because she took power.

The right to success ... and to orgasm

Whether it's social networks with the Insta @tasjoui account or explicit clips of hypersexualized rappers like Nicki Minaj or ex-stripper Cardi B , the new generation advocates their right to body enjoyment. Better, the latter embody a new feminism pro sex and pro dollars.

Suddenly, with the “ slut shaming ” we question the image of the bimbo and the whore, “the worst label a woman can have in society ”. Self-proclaimed supporter of body-positivism , is the very sexy Emily Ratajkowski there to flatter men's ego and “ make them hard ”, or is she ultimately promoting the right to dispose of her image?

As for her, the ex-escort Zahia (our icon to us, brilliant in An easy girl by Rebecca Zlotowski ), new avatar of the fight, claims the freedom to sell her body since she is sovereign: “ I am looking for the sex tonight, so what? ”, Assumes the one who conquered his social rise thanks to prostitution and is inspired by these“ demi-mondaines ”courtesans of the 19th century, who were the only ones able to manage their fortune without male guardian. And Bam !

Extrait du documentaire Pop Féminisme avec Zahia

Pop feminism, Friday, November 6th at 22:45 on Arte, already available on www.arte.tv .

Also discover the Israeli thriller from the director of Versailles and La Flamme, the twisting parody of the Bachelor that everyone has been waiting for .

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