Recipe for a revisited gaspacho without calories

Soupe Courgettes Pistache

Ultra velvety, fresh, this alternative to gaspacho is the ideal dish of Parisiennes in Summer featuring all the heart assets: a perfect calories-pleasure ratio, a simple and super express recipe—here is a yummy dish that will not leave you feeling hungry.

Time of preparation: 15min

Time of cooking: 20min

Time of settling in a fresh place: 2h

Precook the courgettes 5 min in a frying pan.

In a non-sticking pan or pot, place the 4 spring onions cut in slivers with 2 tablespoons of oliver oil and the crushed garlic clove.

Cook on average flame with a top during 4-5 min, without allowing it to get brown.

Add the courgettes in pieces.

Dilute ½ cube of chicken broth in 30cl of boiling water and add in the pan.

Cook covered during 10min on average to high flame.

2 min before the end, add the basil leaves.

Put everything in the blender or mixer with 10cl of fresh cream. Taste and salt according to whimsy.

Allow to cool down and leave in a fresh spot with special film on top.

Cook the pistachios alone during 3 to 5 min  in a non-sticking  pan. Cut with a knife on a platter.

Serve in a bowl or a hollow plate, with a few roasted pistachios and a dash of olive oil.

Tip: Adapt quantity of basil in keeping with preferences, place more or less 5 leaves. The pistachios can be replaced by grilled buckwheat (« kasha ») that one finds easily in specialised organic stores.


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Ingredients :

- 2 250g sachets of mini courgettes

- 4 spring onions (about 50g)

- 2 tablespoons of olive oil+ 2 dashes when serving

- 1 garlic clove

- ½ cube of organic chicken broth + 30cl boiling water

- 20 to 30 peeled pistachios, without skin or salt

- 10 cl of cold liquid cream

- 20 leaves of fresh basil

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